About Me

It all began at the movies. That’s where my parents met. She worked at the box office. He bought a ticket to the latest blockbuster. Six months later they were married.

My parents were never artists by profession but they were creative souls. And from an early age, I became a movie buff and theatre junkie. I remember my father took me to see a restoration of The Exorcist when I was only ten.

And so, my parents enrolled me at the Orange County School of the Arts where I studied Musical Theatre in my formative years. Flash forward some time and I earned my Bachelor of Arts from UCLA’s School of Theatre, Film and Television.

Most recently, I was awarded my Master of Arts in Professional Acting from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (the alma mater of industry heavyweights like Daniel Day-Lewis, Gene Wilder, Jeremy Irons and Naomie Harris, to name a few).

I became an actor and artist because I believe movies and plays tell the story of what makes us human. Who are we? What’s it all for? What makes us better? In my own way, I hope to create work that is entertaining, inspiring and (hopefully) important.

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